Overall Positive Prototype for Few-Shot Open-Set Recognition (2024/05)

The NCKU-VTF Dataset (2023/09)

Visual Weather Temperature Prediction (2018/06)

Predicting Occupation from Images by Combining Face and Body Context Information (2018/01)

Movie Genre Classification based on Poster Images with Deep Neural Networks (2017/11)

Manga FaceNet: Face Detection in Manga based on Deep Neural Network (2017/10)

Deep Correlation Features for Image Style Classification (2017/10)

Camera as Weather Sensor: Estimating Weather Information from Single Images (2017/04)

Optimized Comics-Based Storytelling for Temporal Image Sequences (2014/09)

Street Sweeper (2014/04)


Score Following and Retrieval

Mining Frequent Feature Configurations

Rhythm of Motion Extraction and Rhythm-Based Cross-Media Alignment for Dance Videos

Near-duplicate detection with feature filtering

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Last Updated: May 12, 2024